Our Comprehensive Health Services

We offer a wide range of quality medical services on-site at Surrey Street Family Clinic

    • Adolescent Health

      Our doctors are comfortable and experienced in working with adolescents to negotiate a wide range of health problems including sexual health and mental health issues.

    • Dermatology and Skin Cancer Checks

      Skin Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in Australia. Schedule regular checks with your GP and detect changes early.

    • Employment and Fitness-to-Drive Medicals

      Surrey Street Family Clinic offers pre-employment and driver’s licence medicals. These medical assessments are designed to ensure you meet strict health and safety regulations.

    • Asthma

      Our team provides up to date diagnosis and management advice for Asthma, Chronic Airways Disease and other respiratory conditions.

    • Chronic Disease Management Plans

      We provide GP management plans and Team Care Arrangements to eligible patients with chronic illness. Care plans help facilitate access to services from many allied health practitioners, including physiotherapy, podiatry and dieticians.

    • Diabetes Care

      Diabetes care requires extra attention as prevention is always better than cure. Together with your GP, our full team of nurses and allied health professionals will optimise your medical care.

    • Family Planning

      Talk to us to discuss your options on this very important aspect of family health.

    • Home Visits

      The doctors & nurses at Surrey Street Family Clinic provide a home visit service for regular patients of the clinic, if very ill and unable to attend the clinic, on the provision that it is safe, reasonable, and medically appropriate.

    • Mental Health

      Our doctors have completed extra training in mental health assessment and treatment. We offer a caring, patient-centred approach, and can prepare Mental Health Care Plans to help patients access Medicare Rebates for psychology sessions.

    • Paediatrics

      All of our doctors love working with children. We understand how difficult it can be to see our kids unwell. At Surrey Street Family Clinic we will prioritise young children and ensure they are seen as promptly as possible.

    • Men's & Women's Health

      We provide comprehensive care in a wide range of women’s and men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, PAP smears and gynaecological health.

    • Musculoskeletal / Sports Injuries

      Our doctors have special interests in sports medicine and injury management. We aim to get you back on your feet as soon as possible!

    • Pregnancy and Antenatal Care

      Dr Rebecca Jung is an accredited antenatal health provider with Frankston Hospital. Our team would be delighted to care for you during this exciting time.

    • Travel Medicine

      The doctors & nurses at Surrey Street Family Clinic are experienced travel health practitioners. We stock most travel vaccines on-site for your convenience.

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